“Building value” – we are committed to this motto. Every year, we report on the value that we created in the previous year. To date, we have primarily focused on financial value – with our first independent sustainability report, we are taking a more comprehensive look at our actions.

The report highlights where we are also creating value for our stakeholders. We use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards to provide you with a structured and comparable overview of our company.

In doing so, we focus on four areas of responsibility: ecology, economic performance, employment and compliance. We show you why we attach great importance to training, how we prevent accidents on our construction sites, how we are reducing the energy consumption of our yield-producing properties, and what the biggest challenges are on the procurement market.

We are convinced that the economic success of a company must be consistent with sustainable and responsible working practices, and that this is not a contradiction. We strive to create value for all of our stakeholders – now and in the future.

Roger Herzog