Bülachguss, Bülach

Between 2017 and 2019, Allreal realised a new district on the former industrial site of the Bülachguss foundry in Bülach-Nord. The project, which was developed in-house, comprises 19 apartment buildings with a total of 493 rental apartments and condominiums, as well as the refurbishment of a partially listed former industrial building.

Heating and domestic hot water for the entire Bülachguss site are produced by means of groundwater heat pumps; heat is distributed via its own anergy network.
When outdoor temperatures are low, a gas-heating system covers peak loads.

All new buildings were constructed to Minergie-Eco standard, and the renovated industrial building to Minergie standard.

Having housed a foundry for around 80 years, the Bülachguss site was contaminated by pollutants. Moreover, construction materials which are no longer permitted today were used when some of the buildings were erected. Allreal completely decontaminated the entire area so that it could be removed from the register of contaminated sites. All in all, 55,000 tonnes of polluted material was decontaminated and disposed of or recycled. When producing the 38,000 cubic metres of concrete required for the new buildings, it was possible to use around 25% of the secondary raw materials from the contaminated waste. Furthermore, around 10,000 cubic metres of recycled gravel was produced from the concrete and mixed rubble on the site.