Richti Wallisellen

Between 2010 and 2014, Allreal created a new district with around 500 rental and owner-occupied units and over 3,500 workplaces between Wallisellen railway station and the Glatt shopping centre. The shops on the ground floors, the wide range of restaurants and the apartments around the sheltered courtyard parks make Richti Wallisellen an attractive place to live, shop and work.

The public spaces feature squares, avenues, arcades and residential streets with an attractive design in terms of urban planning. Before construction began in February 2010, there was a roughly two-and-a-half-year development and planning phase – involving the close cooperation of the local municipal authorities – on the basis of various sustainability issues. Thanks to careful consideration of environmental aspects, Richti Wallisellen is deemed Switzerland’s first building complex that fulfils the requirements of the 2000-watt society vision. The energy system uses geothermal energy to provide the 72,000-square-metre site with heating and domestic hot water. At the core of the concept is a roughly 7,000-square-metre geothermal probe field. Heat is distributed via an anergy network, which also stores waste heat from the use of air-conditioning in office buildings. The six six-floor buildings on the edge of the block and the office high-rise all meet the Minergie standard. Richti Wallisellen is considered a model example of sustainable site development among experts in the field, and in public opinion, too, the newly constructed district is known as a model urban development project with a future-oriented character.