Efficient, capable and motivated employees are especially important for successful long-term business activity. Allreal pays all employees – regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time – fair salaries which do not discriminate based on gender and are in line with the market, and provides above-average social and fringe benefits.

Staff development

GRI 404

Allreal attaches great importance to the continuous internal and external training of its staff across all hierarchical levels, and generally assumes 100 percent of the costs incurred, as well as the working hours. This ensures that all employees are always up to date with the latest technical developments and can therefore apply this knowledge in their work, which is also in the best interests of Allreal. Proven and continually optimised processes and highly trained employees with experience in construction and working methods guarantee efficient workflows and enable the efficient application of new technologies.

In the 2019 financial year, Allreal employees underwent an average of 63 hours of further training. The company invested a total of CHF 359,186 in internal and external training, corresponding to an average of CHF 1,548 per employee.

Allreal site manager training school

Allreal has been running its own site manager training school since 2010. Career starters and people from different construction backgrounds receive a simple and structured introduction to site management at Allreal and company-specific processes. In six two-day modules, experienced employees from all departments pass on practical knowledge, from standards, through cost management, to the preparation of detailed quotations. The training concludes with a thesis. In summer 2019, 15 people successfully completed the sixth edition of the course, which was fundamentally updated and revised compared to the previous years. The Allreal site manager training school now has 84 graduates.


GRI 401-1, 401-2, 405

All Allreal employees receive an annual evaluation of their performance combined with target setting for the following year. This standardised process has been logged digitally since the last revision in 2019. This ensures a high level of transparency and fairness. Furthermore, an anonymous employee survey which is conducted every six months, the team barometer, allows potential conflicts at team level to be recognised early on and corresponding measures to be defined and implemented. In addition, an extended employee survey is conducted every two years – the last was in spring 2019. Group Management analyses the findings of these surveys and implements appropriate measures for improvement in a timely manner. In 2019, based on the findings of the survey, the promotion of flexible working hours and home office models was driven forward, and a standardised process for continuous suggestions for improvement was introduced.

On 31 December 2019, the staff headcount stood at 232 employees, corresponding to 220 full-time equivalents. There were also four apprentices who completed their training as Swiss certified commercial employees at Allreal. The proportion of women in the entire workforce is 29.7 percent and has been continuously increasing in recent years. This development is set to continue in the coming years. In the Board of Directors, the proportion of women stands at 14 percent.

The basic salaries of male employees in the most important function groups were, on average, 5.7 percent higher than those of female employees in 2019. This figure was 6.4 percent for total remuneration. This can primarily be explained by the employees’ higher average age and higher number of years of service.

The fluctuation rate in the year under review was 9.1 percent and has therefore dropped considerably compared to the previous years.

Workplace health and safety

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Workplace safety on construction sites is a top priority for Allreal. Site and project managers support and monitor contractors in planning and implementing all measures to prevent accidents. In order to perform this task in the best possible way, they receive training in various safety topics several times a year. A total of nine events took place last year. During the course of the year under review, the individuals responsible for workplace health and safety conducted a total of 15 unannounced site audits and recorded their findings. In addition, they provided planning assistance in the preparation of complex projects on four occasions. Based on the site audits conducted, a follow-up inspection was initiated owing to serious shortcomings. In addition, SUVA itself inspected contractors on two construction sites of Allreal Generalunternehmung AG. Thanks to these measures, the company has more than halved the number of significant safety risks recorded per audit since the introduction of safety audit monitoring in 2016.

As a co-signatory to SUVA’s safety charter, Allreal undertakes to make a special commitment to safety on construction sites. Throughout the year, there are also various prevention and awareness-raising campaigns to reduce non-occupational accidents, the most recent of which was held in November 2019 on the topic of winter sports.

In 2019, Allreal did not record any fatal or serious accidents on its construction sites. All in all, one female and two males suffered light injuries during working hours, corresponding to 1.36 percent of the entire workforce. The three accidents resulted in a total of 49.5 days of absence. Accident figures for Allreal contractors are not included in the statistics.

Occupational accidents

Incidents 2019


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